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STT Solutions was formed in 2011 as a result of a management buyout of Ansaldo STS Ireland Ltd. which was originally formed in 1979 as WABCO Westinghouse Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Switch and Signal Inc.  The company was formed to manufacture and supply signalling equipment for the Dublin Suburban (DART) project and continues to be the leading supplier of railway signalling equipment in the Irish market to this day.

In 1989 the parent company was acquired by Ansaldo Trasporti Spa of Naples, Italy.  A reorganisation in 1996 led to the formation of Ansaldo STS N.V. as a subsidiary of Finmeccanica Spa.  The company was recently launched on the Italian Stock Exchange as Ansaldo STS.  For further information on the Group please see and

We have provided equipment for every signalling project over the last 36 years including:

DART, CTC, Mini-CTC and Level Crossings.

Our equipment is used on every line in Ireland including:

DART; Lines from Dublin to Belfast, Cork, Galway; Limerick; Sligo, Waterford and  Westport; Mallow to Tralee, Galway to Limerick and Limerick to Waterford.

We have supplied the equipment to control every CCTV Four Barrier Crossing in use in Ireland along with outfitting the crossing control centres in Mallow and Athlone.

Have a browse through our picture gallery to get a flavour of the products and work we have been involved in.


STT Solutions Monavalley Business Park, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland

STT Solutions Monavalley Business Park, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland

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