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STT Code SAP Description Images 07B015-11P 146291 Ni-CAD 11Ah 07B02-100-6 129829 Battery Set 12V 100Ah Plante Type (Generator Starting) 07B12-10 134990 Battery, 12V 10Ah, Lead Acid (Axle Counter in Sections) 07B12-110-09 Battery, Set 12V (9 Cells 110Ah) Ni-CAD + Stand (12V Relay Rooms) 07B12-12M Battery, 12V 12Ah Lead Acid 07B12-15 134512 Battery, 12V 16Ah Lead

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Part Number: 07C2-60-4-2U IE SAP: 158340 Description: Charger 60V, 230V, 4kW Details: The charger as supplied comes with an integrated 60V Controller and 2 x FPS48-60V/2000HE Rectifier Modules. This charger can deliver 66A with 2 rectifiers installed. The following spare parts are available and are hot swappable. Part Number: 07C2-60-4-2U IE SAP: Description: FPS48-60V/2000HE Rectifier

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