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Blog Category: Circuit Protection

  Part Number Description IE SAP Image 12KS1 SAKS1 Fuseholder 12KS2 SAKS2 Fuseholder 12R141 Fuseholder 14x51mm  133901 12R14N Fuseholder 14x51mm Neutral Link  133965 12R221 Fuseholder 22x58mm  133966 12R22N Fuseholder 22x58mm Neutral Link 153301

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Part Number Description IE SAP 18M2004 Fuse 4A gL-gG 177431 18M2006 Fuse 6A gL-gG 18M2010 Fuse 10A gL-gG 18M2016 Fuse 16A gL-gG 18M2020 Fuse 20A gL-gG 18M2025 Fuse 25A gL-gG 18M2032 Fuse 32A gL-gG 18M2050 Fuse 50A gL-gG 18M2063 Fuse 63A gL-gG 18M2104 Fuse 4A Motor Rated 18M2180 Fuse 80A Motor Rated 18M2258 Neutral Link

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