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Model 344 Short Finder

Product: Model 344 Short Finder

Description: Short Finder and Spectrum Analyser
Part Number: 29M344-1013
IE SAP: 155200


Network Rail Approval Cert Number: PA05/05997
Network Rail System and Complete Assembly

Part No. Description Cat. No.
29M344-1-1 Model 344 Shortfinder 0094/002094
29M344KNR Model 344 Shortfinder Kit (Including Test Leads, Carry Case and Charger) 0094/002095

Network Rail Hardware (Maintenane Spares and Line Replaceable Units)

Part No. Description Cat. No.
29M344-1-1C Model 344 Carry Case 0094/002096
29M324-16 Test Lead Set for Model 344 Shortfinder 0094/002097
29M344-1-1S Sun Shield Set for Model 344 Shortfinder 0094/002098
07PUKP1212 Plug Top PSU 12V 12W (Charger) for Model 344 Shortfinder 0094/002099



Instruction Manual: Model 344 Instruction Manual 11-24-12
Instruction Manual Addendum: Model 344 Instruction Model Addendum 1.21b
Pocket Instruction Manual: Model 344 Pocket Instruction Manual
How to Use the Model 344: Model 344 How to Use Visual Aid
Evaluating Ballast Quality: Model 344 Evaluating Ballast Quality
Checking Insulated Joints: Model 344 Notes on Checking Insulated Joints
Electrical Joints and Arrestors: Model 344 Checking Joints and Lightning Arrestors
Line and Cable Faults: Model 344 Finding Line and Cable Faults
Checking Track Shunts: Model 344 Notes on Checking Track Shunts
Brochure: Model 344 Brochure

The primary purpose of this meter is checking Insulated Joint integrity but this device can find any track circuit short such as those caused by:
….Shorted Insulation, Banding Hidden in Ballast, Shorted Bridge Deck or
….Retarder Insulation and Contaminated Ballast.
….It can Test Track Insulation and can be used to Locate Line or Cable Shorts.
….Locate High Resistance Bonds.
….Determine Ballast “Quality”.
….Test Resistance of Testing Shunts.
….Determine Voltage of Track Circuits, Both AC & DC.
….Using the Spectrum Analyzer, determine frequency and voltage levels of motion,
….constant warning time devices, overlay.

We recommend the following accessories for use with the Model 344:
Rail Connector Set and File Connector Set.

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