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Surge Protection

Important Notice: Product Recall Surge Arrestor 650V Circuits 18L2650

650V Surge Arrestor

STT Solutions stocks a wide range of Surge Protection Devices.

Part Number Description IE SAP Images
18L0120 Surge Arrestor 120V Circuits  129826 18L0120
18L24A Surge Arrestor 24V  143781 18L24A
18L0230 Surge Arrestor 230V Circuits  133888
18L2650 Surge Arrestor 650V Circuits  133900
18L0101 Track Circuit Arrestor Blue Low Voltage  56326 Track Arrestors
18L0201 Track Circuit Arrestor Red High Voltage  56327 Track Arrestors
28E11-FUR SSI Surge Protection (Furse Module)  92661 28E11-FUR
28E11-BF SSI Surge Protection (Furse Base)  92662 28E11-BF
18L1053B Base for Gas Discharge Tube 170758
18L1026-275 Gas Discharge Tube 3T 275V 134162
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