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Part Number: 29M1010E Description: Model 1010 Portable Data Recorder IE SAP: 155606 Documents: Instruction Manual This device should be in every signal maintainers arsenal as it is simple to set up and use and can provide valuable information in fault finding troublesome signalling problems. The device has 16 digital inputs and 2 analogue inputs. The

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Signalmans Meter Model 1010 Portable Data Recorder Barrier Machine Tester 260EBBT AC Busbar Test Unit Rail File Set Meter Shunt 150K Style 63 Points Relay Tester Cab Signal Master 260EDT Diode Module Tester Rail Connector Set 12G4300-2 Test Lead Set 2m Model 344 Short Finder Model 360-4 Ground Finder Clamplock SSI Test Box 260T0220 Block read more

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