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Part Number: 12KS10 Description: SAKS10 Feed Through Terminal G Rail Mounting IE SAP: 159874 Accessories: Part # SAP # Description 12KS10-EP 159876 End Plate 12KS10-3×20 159871 M3 x 20 Busbar Screw 12KS10-QL10 159872 Busbar 10 Way 12KS10-VH12 159873 Distance Sleeve VH12 12A0001 147866 End Stop G Rail 12A0005 165448 Label Holder G and DIN Rail

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Part Number Description IE SAP Image 12KS1 SAKS1 Fuseholder  56597 12KS2 SAKS2 Fuseholder 12KS10 SAK10 Feed Through Terminal  159874 12KSA10 SAKA10 Disconnect Terminal 56591 12KSR SAKR Disconnect Terminal 177660   12KWTL6-1 WTL6-1 Disconnect Terminal 12KSC10 SAKC10 Disconnect Terminal 161767 12KS025B SAK2.5 Blue Feed Through Terminal 166092   12KEK4 EK4 Earth Terminal 166094  

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