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Terminal Feed Through PT 2.5 Blue



End Plate PT 2.5 – D-ST 2.5

Bridges PT 2.5

Test Adapter PAI-4-N PT 2.5 Grey

STT Part no. 12PT2-5EP STT Part no. 12PT2-5B… STT Part no. 12PT2-5A
IE SAP n/a IE SAP n/a IE SAP n/a

Plug 2.3mm PT 2.5 – D-ST 2.5

Test Plug MPS-MT PT 2.5

Sleeve MPS-IH PT 2.5 Red

STT Part no. 12PT2-5P STT Part no. 12PT2-5T STT Part no. 12PT2-5S
IE SAP n/a IE SAP n/a IE SAP n/a
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