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Test Equipment Demo Thurles Training School

STT Solutions will be exhibiting their range of Test Equipment at the Thurles Training School on February 22nd.

The items that will be demonstrated on the day include:

The Model 344 Short Finder:
The go to instrument for checking the integrity of insulated joints.

Model 344 Short Finder

Signalman’s Meter:
This instrument can be used to check code rates and on-times as well as a general purpose meter.

Signalman’s Meter

Model 1010 Portable Data Recorder:
This can be fitted in a room or location case very easily and left in situ. Very useful to monitor a suspected faulty output.

There are 16 digital inputs (5 to 120V AC or DC) and 2 Analogue Inputs (Voltage or Current). It comes with a Keyboard to allow you name the inputs such as 235TR or 23NWR or 59HHR etc.

The data is stored on a 8GB Memory and can be imported to a spreadsheet to analyse the data.

Model 1010 Portable Data Recorder

Model 1010 Portable Data Recorder

Barrier Machine Test Box:
A Very useful to for setting or adjusting Barrier Machines.

Barrier Machine in Carrier Bag


We will also bring along other equipment like meter shunts, block joint tester and AC Bussbar Testers and Ground Finders.

Author by Francis Foley

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