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Weidmuller DIN Rail Terminals

Important Notice: All Weidmuller terminals are becoming obsolete and are being replaced with compatible Phoenix terminals as given below.



Terminal DIN Rail WDU 16N Blue

Terminal DIN Rail WDU 16N Beige

Earth Terminal DIN Rail 16mm sq.

STT Part no. 12KWDU16NB STT Part no. 12KWDU16N STT Part no. 12WPE16
IE SAP 173729 IE SAP 173728 IE SAP 159874
Replacement 12PT16N Replacement 12PT16L Replacement n/a

Terminal DIN Rail WDU35N Blue

Terminal DIN Rail WDU35N Beige

STT Part no. 12KWDU35NB STT Part no. 12KWDU35N  
IE SAP 173771 IE SAP 173728  
Replacement n/a Replacement n/a  

Feed Through Terminal WDU 2.5

Double Feed Through WDK 2.5

STT Part no. 12KWDU025 STT Part no. 12KWDK025  
IE SAP n/a IE SAP n/a  
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